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How We Read the World

My upbringing in school and the education I have received severely affected the way I see the world. Until University, all my education stretching from Kindergarten to Grade 12 has been very one sided. For example, we are only taught about white culture, straight sexuality, and male and female genders. Learning this way created biases … Continue reading How We Read the World

Implementation of School Curricula and Treaty Education

According to the Ben Levin article “Curriculum Policy and the Politics of What Should be Learned in Schools”, school curriculum has many parts to it before it is fully developed. First, the government deals with the public policies regarding education. Politics and Education Policies cover “just about every aspect of education—what schooling is provided, how, … Continue reading Implementation of School Curricula and Treaty Education

Teaching Treaty Education in the Classroom

“We are all treaty people”: Teaching Treaty education in the classroom is important regardless of the classroom demographic. Regardless of the race found in classrooms, the history of every single one should be taught to all the students. Teaching Treaty education in schools has become a problem because many children do not believe specific history … Continue reading Teaching Treaty Education in the Classroom

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